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It’s been awhile since we’ve checked in on the website here, since most of our updates happen over on social media. Please stay tuned for lots of news in the coming weeks/months. Keep an eye out for:

  • new website
  • new merch
  • new EP – release show at Bourbon & Branch May 15
  • full-length – sometime this fall

Thanks for listening!

A Sneak Peek at “Wooder”

“Wooder” is a newer song that we’re pretty pumped about. Unless you were at MilkBoy or the Station, you probably haven’t heard it yet. Give it a listen and let us know what you think. It’ll be on the EP we’re putting out this spring.

Real Gone (UK) Reviews Space, Place, and Time EP

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It’s quite a feeling to realize that people in other parts of the world are listening to our music–like, really listening to it…and writing extremely detailed and thoughtful reviews.

In late December, we heard through the grapevine that a UK music blog called Real Gone had picked up on our debut EP. (My hunch is our “best of” list appearances must’ve caught someone’s attention.)  Among many other flattering things, they nice folks across the pond had this to say:

Great songs and great playing leads to ‘Space, Place & Time’ being a fantastic mood piece. It’s clearly the start of something special…”

They really wrote a fantastic review–and I say that not just because it was so generous. The author obviously took a great deal of time to listen closely and plot out a detailed critique. Please check it out, and while you’re there, browse through the site and read some of the other reviews and recommendations on the site. Anyone who takes music as seriously as those guys do has got to be a great source for emerging artists.

We Hate Best of 2013 Lists…Unless We’re on Them

“Best of” lists…yeah, we’re all sick of them at this point. Unless, of course, they include The Naked Sun. We closed out 2013 on high note–Popa’s Tunes named our Space, Place, and Time EP the #2 debut album of 2013. Read more here.

Lisa Regula Meyer over at Ear to the Ground Music also named “Fatigue” one of her top 20 songs of 2013. We’re in the 11 slot, but Lisa says she’s admittedly horrible at ranking, so they’re in no particular order.

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Excellent photos from an excellent artist

A few weeks ago, we played a really fun set at the Woodbury Fall Arts Festival. This was a truly awesome event, showcasing over 300 local artists. If you’re in the area and you didn’t check it out this year, make sure you stop by next year (hopefully we’ll have the opportunity to play it again). Read more…

The OWL Mag Reviews Space, Place, and Time EP

Certainly there’s been a lot of thought put into the bands songs so far; the subject matter of their one EP covers everything from soldiers to sweatshop workers to metaphysics. Restrained and subtle, but at the same time warm and genuine, The Naked Sun stand out in amongst the crowds of rock bands by simply keeping it simple.

Nori Bell-Bhuiyan over at “Handcrafted Music Blog” The OWL Mag gave the EP a nice little shout-out.

The Naked Sun Wins the Deli Philadelphia’s Featured Artist Poll

Thanks to the support of all our friends, family, and fans, we won The Deli Philadelphia’s Featured Artist Poll! Our reward is a full-length Q&A feature on the Philly arm of this national indie music blog.

Independent Clauses Reviews Space, Place, and Time EP

…The usual suspects are here: acoustic guitar, organ, pedal steel (or its electric guitar approximation), and earnest tenor vocals with a bit of raw timbre. The thing to celebrate in The Naked Sun is its arrangement of these tried and true parts, creating memorable moments and melodies out of a deep genre knowledge.

Check out Stephen Carradini’s take on our debut EP, Space, Place, and Time (along with David Ramirez’s The Rooster). Stephen writes “unusual words about underappreciated music” over at Independent Clauses.

Ear to the Ground Music Reviews Space, Place, and Time EP

The Naked Sun formed in 2011 when the members were posting on Craigslist to find other local musicians. While what they found wasn’t what they had gone in search of, it was a promising new band with a classic sound. Add in a reference to classic sci fi lit, and I’m one happy clam.

Thanks to Lisa Regula Meyer for giving the EP a spin. Check out her full review over at Ear to the Ground Music.

The Naked Sun Featured on The Key Studio Sessions Vol. 7

We’re excited to announce that “Holdin’ Back the Heart” from our Key Studio Session back in February made The Key Studio Sessions Vol. 7, along with some ridiculously talented local artists–including Waxahatchee, Pissed Jeans, Ruby The Hatchet, and Modern Inventors. Check out the latest compilation from Philly’s premier local music blog below. Read more…

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