Summer 2016

Summer’s here…get yourself some Naked Sun. Check out the Shows page for details.

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Red Guitar Music Reviews Pickled Hearts

Another nice writeup on Pickled Hearts by Red Guitar Music.

Real Gone Reviews Pickled Hearts

The folks over at UK music blog Real Gone gave us an extremely detailed and extensive review for Space, Place, and Time a few years back, and they were recently kind enough to delve into Pickled Hearts. Give it a read here.

Bucket Full of Nails Reviews Pickled Hearts

Eric over at Bucket Full of Nails has been kind to us over the years, reviewing our debut EP as well as giving us props over at CXCW. Here he takes a listen and shares his thoughts on Pickled Hearts.

Pre-order your very own Pickled Hearts EP!

Guys! We have new music! Check out a few tracks and pre-order at the link below, or come to our release show this Friday at Bourbon & Branch.

Making Pickled Hearts

New stuff!


It’s been awhile since we’ve checked in on the website here, since most of our updates happen over on social media. Please stay tuned for lots of news in the coming weeks/months. Keep an eye out for:

  • new website
  • new merch
  • new EP – release show at Bourbon & Branch May 15
  • full-length – sometime this fall

Thanks for listening!

Sofar Sounds

A Sneak Peek at “Wooder”

“Wooder” is a newer song that we’re pretty pumped about. Unless you were at MilkBoy or the Station, you probably haven’t heard it yet. Give it a listen and let us know what you think. It’ll be on the EP we’re putting out this spring.

Real Gone (UK) Reviews Space, Place, and Time EP

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It’s quite a feeling to realize that people in other parts of the world are listening to our music–like, really listening to it…and writing extremely detailed and thoughtful reviews.

In late December, we heard through the grapevine that a UK music blog called Real Gone had picked up on our debut EP. (My hunch is our “best of” list appearances must’ve caught someone’s attention.)  Among many other flattering things, they nice folks across the pond had this to say:

Great songs and great playing leads to ‘Space, Place & Time’ being a fantastic mood piece. It’s clearly the start of something special…”

They really wrote a fantastic review–and I say that not just because it was so generous. The author obviously took a great deal of time to listen closely and plot out a detailed critique. Please check it out, and while you’re there, browse through the site and read some of the other reviews and recommendations on the site. Anyone who takes music as seriously as those guys do has got to be a great source for emerging artists.

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